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He's back!! Waldo is hiding in 23 downtown businesses in Anacortes this July. And his dog Woof is hiding somewhere at Watermark. Can you find them? The hunt is on!

* Pick up a Where's Waldo passport from Watermark or any of the participating stores. Collect a business stamp or signature whenever you spot him.

* When you've collected at least 10 different store stamps or signatures, bring your passport to Watermark to claim an "I FOUND WALDO" button and a "$1 off" coupon (limited to first 125 Waldo spotters).

* If you collect at least 20 of the 23 possible store stamps/signatures, bring your passport to Watermark to get a button and a coupon, PLUS be entered in a drawing for a 6-volume set of Waldo books and other great prizes.

* Watermark will be hosting a Waldo grand celebration and prize drawing at 3pm on Thursday, July 31. Everybody welcome! Competition is open to Waldo fans of all ages.


CALIFORNIA, by Edan Lepucki (Little, Brown, $26.00). Championed by Stephen Colbert and difficult to obtain from a certain online bookselling behemoth because the publisher refuses to accede to the cyber-company's ruthless monopolistic desires, this novel is readily available for purchase in our store. It's a post-apocalyptic saga about two people, Cal and Frida, who leave their lonely but adequate shack in the woods to raise their child within the security of a larger settlement. But their new community is rife with dark secrets and unexpected dangers of its own. Everything and everyone is perceived as a threat, and Cal and Frida must quickly decide whom they can really trust. This is an exciting and provocative debut by a stunning new talent!

ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE, by Anthony Doerr (Scribner, $27.00). A gorgeous novel about two young people, a blind French girl and a German mechanical prodigy, a member of the Hitler Youth, whose lives intersect in the French town of Saint Malo at the height of World War II. Deftly weaving their stories together, author Anthony Doerr illuminates the ways that people strive to be good to one another in spite of external forces that compel them to do otherwise. Abraham Verghese, no slouch of a writer himself, says admiringly, "this jewel of a story is put together like a vintage timepiece, its many threads coming together so perfectly."

THE SIGNATURE OF ALL THINGS, by Elizabeth Gilbert (Penguin, $17.00) From the author of Eat Pray Love, this is a sweeping historical novel about a family of botanical explorers, the Whittakers, who travel the globe in search of fortune and scientific understanding. At the heart of the story is Alma Whittaker, a brilliant and insatiably curious woman who is driven by both an unquenchable sense of wonder and a desperate need to understand the hidden mechanisms behind all of life, at a time in human history when traditional assumptions about science, religion, commerce and class are open to question. Now available in paperback!
NIGHT FILM, by Marisha Pessl (Random House, $18.00). A gripping story of a journalist's search for the truth about the death of a beautiful young woman, the daughter of a reclusive film director. Former Watermark staffer Carolyn says of this novel,  "Absolutely compelling. I truly could not put this book down. I brought it to work but couldn't read it there, I just wanted to have it with me in case some free time miraculously appeared. It didn't. Night Film is a twisty ride."



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